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Keep Your Body Well with Chiropractic Care

When you decide to put your health into the hands of Dr. Brittin, it immediately becomes his number one priority. S & B Chiropractic and Rehab, Inc. has been serving the SW Florida community as a chiropractic care clinic since 2010. We value the relationships formed with each patient and believe that goes a long way in improving their health care outcomes. Give us a call to find out how we can help you today.

chiropractor performing an adjustment on someone by holding their head and neck.
Chiropractic adjustment close up image of person's head and neck with a hand on patient's neck and a hand on patient's shoulder
Chiropractic adjustment close up image of person's head and neck with a hand on patient's neck and a hand on patient's shoulder

Your Trusted Tampa Chiropractor

S&B Chiro strives to help Tampa area residents achieve maximum wellness and fitness with a comprehensive, whole-body approach. Patients looking for a Tampa chiropractor who understands the body is an intricately woven system designed for peak performance and optimal health come to our clinic seeking drug-free, alternative solutions to pain management from chronic illnesses and injuries. We also provide a full range of services to keep the body healthy; thereby reducing injury and illness events.

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Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Brit Dr Brittin Beaulieu

Chiropractic Services

Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Brit Dr Brittin Beaulieu performing a chiropractic adjustment or touching a man's back

Many people think of chiropractor services as simply manual adjustments that realign the spine to relieve back and neck pain. In reality, our doctors treat underlying conditions that prevent the body from healing itself when injuries occur. Our doctors design custom wellness programs that include corrective exercises, nutritional support, massage therapy and other services to give your body everything it needs to thrive.

Chiropractic care supports your body with drug-free, non-invasive tools to achieve optimal health. Comprehensive chiropractic protocols aim to minimize pain, relieve trapped nerves and improve your quality of life. Depending on your overall fitness and health status, age and lifestyle goals, we may recommend a combination of services that include maintenance visits to support proper spine alignment and therapeutic massage, acupuncture and dietary changes.

Your treatment plan may include additional services such as at-home exercises, hot and cold treatments, massage to improve blood circulation and supplements to balance your micro and macro nutrient levels. Each plan is customized to the individual.

Dr. Brittin Beaulier D.C. S & B Chiropractic and Rehab - Let Us Take A Crack At Getting You Better

Satisfied Patients

Marie C.
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I honestly LOVED coming in! I felt very accommodated and the doctor and his assistant were so nice and friendly(especially the assistant, she was so sweet!) Great conversations all around! It was never a dull moment and they just made me feel so warm and welcome unlike other doctor offices where they make you feel eerie. Iā€™m glad I picked here for my case. I HIGHLY recommend coming here!!
Nabil S.
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Dr. Brittin is fantastic and his staff are such a big help. Friendly customer service and positive environment. I feel 100 times better than I did before. I highly recommend S&B chiropractic.
Ashley W.
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Friendly and professional! My first time going to a chiropractor was with this location in August of 2019. My back was so bad! He adjusted me and I was good from then until March 2020!! I HIGHLY recommend AND the price?! SUPER AFFORDABLE!!ā¤šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ™šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ˜
Savage T.
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Very Professional...and would recommend anybody Here..Great office staff and Doctor 5 stars
Dani S.
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I defintely reccommend this office. They take walk-ins and are more affordable than more chiropractors I've been to (even without insurance). Dr. Brittin is friendly and takes time to listen.
Walter G.
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Friendly staff and excellent service
Michael F.
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My treatments from Dr. Beaulieu were pivotal to my back recovery. His diagnosis lead to my relief! Dr. Beaulieu put me at ease and with his experience and techniques I know you will be pleased as well. The office is equipped with chiropractic equipment others simply don't have that made all the difference in my circumstance. Thank You Dr. Beaulieu!
Randi H.
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The office is clean and the staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Beaulieu is wonderful. He really takes his time and listens to you. Because of him I have no more back pain. I recommend him highly.
Jasmin D.
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I was looking for a chiropractic in the area who could give me relief of my headaches and neck pain. I was a cash patient so the 49.99 first time consultation and treatment was perfect for my budget. Then it's only 40 dollars for each treatment after. Dr. Brittin took great care of me and my family. I recommend anyone with back pain to go to S & B chiropractic and Rehab.
Julie R.
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Dr. Brittin and staff are wonderful. I went to him for neck pain and I now wake up in the morning pain free. Clean, nice office. Highly recommend.
Justin V.
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They do a really good job here! They know what they are talking about and help out! Clean office, friendly staff. Great place
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Friendly staff, positive environment, good doctor who knows rehabilitation and adjusting. Would highly recommend this clinic!
sean c.
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Dr. Brittin is very professional and knowledgeable. I found myself in a great deal of lower back pain and unable to work. After two appointments with Dr. Brittin and the exercises he showed me, I was back to feeling 100%.
shane h.
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I had a great experience at this chiropractic office. Dr. Brittin and Staff were very professional. Dr. Brittin helped me with my years of back pain in a conservative manner. I recommend if you have any headaches, neck and low back pain go see Dr. Brittin.

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